Never underestimate the value of a good chair….

27 Feb


Guest blogger and creative writer Laura post her second batch of handy hints and tips for all you creative writers out there…thanks Laura.

“A writing routine is important and no one will write your book for you. With that, you’re on your own. In order for you to get your book written, you need to get your bum in chair and write.

That brings me to the chair.

Never underestimate the value of a good chair and for that matter, a comfortable writing space.

Whether it’s a café, the silence of a library or at your own desk, I think where you write is important and only you will know which environment works best for you. Also, who says that you can’t have more than one place? You’re aiming to get words written, even when sometimes you don’t feel like it. I certainly need to surround myself in a space that aids my creativity. Even a word goal of five hundred words can take you hours. That’s a long time to be sat in an uncomfortable chair. Yes, it’s back to the chair.

There are other things I need too – my music library or a good TV-series to have on in the background. Again, it’s down to personal taste but I can’t work in silence. I lost track of the amount of times I heard my Mum say, “surely you can’t work with all that noise and distraction'” but yes, I can. Plus, if surrounded by people in a cafe, a great piece of dialogue could be overheard.  For me, a good pen and an inspiring notebook are also needed. Whatever helps you in getting that novel started, do it. Find your writing space comfort zone and cling onto it.

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Then begin.”

Laura Parish is a passionate creative writer, producing at least one novel a year. Laura is so dedicated to reading and creative writing that she has produced her own website for others who share the same love. Check out Laura’s website 
For more information about Laura or to follow her creative work go to


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