Words from Beccy

7 Feb

Private tutor and guest blogger Beccy Miskin writes an interesting post on words…..


Words are everywhere. We use them all the time; when we write things down, when we speak to people; when we listen to what other people say -You can’t go a day without using them in some way.

Your teacher and your parents probably use a lot of them. There are really long ones which are a bit scary, and shorter ones which you can say really quickly.Sometimes words can seem a bit boring when you’re learning because there are a lot of them. When you learn about words and English, it can be fun to just start at the beginning and think about the words themselves.

Sometimes you don’t understand them. Sometimes you’ll get told off for saying a rude one.Sometimes you’ll use the wrong one, and sometimes you’ll learn a new one.

What would we do without them?

Do you ever say a word, and for some reason, it sounds really weird? Or you write  a word down, and the spelling looks wrong even though it’s not?

I heard the word ‘splendid’ yesterday. It sounded odd, and I realised I never use it.I never say “You cooked that splendidly” or “That’s such a splendid song!”I told myself that today I would use it at least once, and now I have!

Think about words.Do you have a favourite?Why do you like it?Maybe it sounds interesting, or it reminds you of something.If you find one you like, write it down and save it, and then use it the next day.You’ll end up with your own little dictionary of interesting bits and bobs!

Give it a go.


One Response to “Words from Beccy”

  1. Maths Tuition March 3, 2012 at 5:43 am #

    We found this post while looking for new lyrics. Thanks for sharing

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