Calling all creative writers….

2 Feb

Guest blogger and creative writer Laura posts some handy hints and tips for all you creative writers out there…thanks Laura.



 So you want to write? 


Creative Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed. Lessons dedicated to the subject at school were hours that I would look forward to. I love creating worlds and developing characters and I especially look forward to the moment where the people in your stories take on a life of their own.

However, the task of writing a story isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard work. An average novel is around 100,000 words and must include plot, character development followed by editing. I’m a regular participant in the National Novel Writing Month challenge and its scary how hard 50,000 words (the competition’s target) can be to reach. The sense of accomplishment though when you get to your word target is amazing.

1. First, you need an idea. It sounds obvious I know but bear with me. I know that I’ve sometimes felt overwhelmed that I don’t have anything to write about and that what I do have isn’t good enough. If this has happened to you then don’t worry. You don’t have to have the plot outlined in your head straight away. It can be only the smallest of thoughts. Some authors only ever have a loose idea of the end, beginning or a character before they begin to write. I’m not saying that preparation isn’t good but just find what works for you and run with it. Find your own voice and style.

2. Write something every day. Set a goal which is manageable to you and stick to it. You have to be disciplined and sometimes write when you don’t feel like it. One writer once suggested to me that, if you begin writing every time you hear the Eastenders music and then proceed to write until the episode is over and then do the same for the Sunday omnibus, you’d have a novel within a year. 

3. Do the test mile. Set a goal, for example, a hundred words. If once you get there you want to stop, fine but if you get in the swing of the writing then keep going.

4. If you can, join a writers group. Feedback and the ability to take constructive criticism of your work are essential. If, like me, you can’t commit to a weekly meeting then there are plenty of online groups.

5. Finally, READ!
Read as much as you can. Learn your dislikes/likes and what you think works well and what doesn’t work so well.

Laura Parish is a passionate creative writer, producing at least one novel a year. Laura is so dedicated to reading and writing that she has created her own website for others who share the same love. Check out Laura’s website
For more information about Laura or to follow her creative work go to


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