Want to know how to write the perfect essay?

27 Jan

Writing an essay can be stressful, believe me, but there are plenty of ways you can cope and make sure you get the best out of your work. If you are stuck with essay writing here are my top five tips for you…           

The most important rule of all: NEVER FORGET THE QUESTION.When you are writing an essay, grab a piece of paper and write the question in big, bold letters across the page. Now stick it on the wall in front of you. Every time you finish a paragraph, read through it, and read through the question again. Is your point relevant to the question? You must always make sure that all of your points link back to what you are answering, and having it pinned up in front of you will make sure you don’t veer off the subject. Just ask your Mum and Dad before you start blue-tacking things to the wall!

Take regular breaks. Studying is tiring, and when you get tired, you will find your concentration slipping, or you will make silly spelling mistakes. Make sure you take regular breaks from the computer. Walk around the room, stick your head out of the window for a breath of fresh air, or even go close your eyes for five minutes. Just don’t spend too long staring at a screen; apart from anything, it will hurt your eyes!

Don’t be shy making notes. For some of the essays I wrote at university, I ended up covering my entire wall with spider diagrams and colourful notes. Sometimes it helps to use different colours for different themes – making notes of good quotes and useful points when you are doing your reading will help you piece things together a lot easier when it comes to writing the essay itself.

Keep a note of references AS YOU GO ALONG! I can’t stress enough how important this is! If you save all your references until last you will waste hours trawling through books and websites trying to figure out who said what. When typing up an essay, keep two word documents open: one for the essay, one for references. As soon as you quote someone, add them to your reference list as well. This will save you so much time, and avoid all risks of plagiarism because you forgot to list a reference.

Ask someone to proof read for you. In my experience as a journalist, I have found that however good you are with spelling and grammar, there will always be mistakes that you won’t spot yourself. And if your tutor is especially hot on these, you could end up losing marks over a silly mistake. Ask a friend or family member to read over your essay for you to check you have spotted everything.

I hope these tips help, and remember, if you are struggling with any aspect of essay writing, you can contact YourChoiceTutorsUk on yourchoicetutors@hotmail.co.uk for valuable help.


Sarah Howells is a journalist from North Devon, who runs a blog in her spare time on gluten free living (www.theglutenfreeblogger.com). She has spent many years proof reading and writing essays, as well as typing away in her day job.


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